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  • new page Category:Pages with broken file links
    created by QATestsBot
    New page:
    Summary: Hide 'Pages with broken file links' category, see []
    Added category: Hidden categories
  • new page Battle Cries
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: All MK9 Battle Cries(DLCs and Reptile do not have battle cries) Scorpion: Vengeance will be mine! Liu Kang: Show me what you can do. Kung Lao: For...
  • new page The Lin Kuea
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: The Lin Kuea: Story: The Lin Kuea is a clan in Mortal Kombat that is made up of ninjas and assassins. Known Members: Sektor, Cyrax, Sub Zero, Smoke,...
  • new page Species
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Species: Name of Species: Alignment Humans: Good God: Good Edenian: Evil Tarkatans: Evil Centaur: Evil Shokan: Evil Outworlder: Evil Demon: Evil...
  • new page Secret Character Appearances
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Khameleon: In cutscene of The Courtyard Day in Story Mode Li Mei: Seen in cutscene of Kahns Coliseum in Story Mode Skarlett: Seen chained in Kahns...
  • new page Stage Arenas
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Stage Arenas: Goros Lair Hell The Coliseum Rooftop Day Rooftop Dawn Rooftop Night Shang Tsung's Gardens Day Shang Tsung's Gardens Night Shang Tsung's...
  • new page Kratos
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Kratos: Species: God of War Age: Unknown Alignment: Neutral Affiliations: Unknown Special Moves: Head of Helios, Apollos Bow, Zeus Rage, Apollos...
  • new page Freddy Krueger
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Freddy Krueger: Species: Human Age: 32 Alignment: Evil Affiliations: The Dream Realm Weapons: Sharp Claws Special Moves: Dream Shift, Hellspike,...
  • new page Rain
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Rain: Species: 1/2 Edenian, 1/2 God Age: Beyond 10,000 Affiliations: Unknown Alignment: Evil Weapons: None Special Moves: Geyser Kick, Lightning,...
  • new page Kenshi
    created by Chiefton9
    New page: Kenshi: Species: Human Age: 24 Affiliations: Unknown Alignment: Good Weapons: Katana Special Moves: Telikinetic Slash, Rising Karma, Spirit Toss,...

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